Past events:

Mon 15 Jun 2015

Environmental challenges and digital technology: exploring opportunities for collaboration in Oxfordshire

Location: West Wing, Said Business School, Park End Street, Oxford OX1 1HP

A collaborative discussion day for researchers, business, and public sector, hosted by the Environmental Change Institute‘s Agile Ox programme, focussing on local environmental problems and digital solutions.

Developments in affordable sensors, the Internet of Things, and accompanying step-change in potentials for data collection, analysis and visualisation have created new opportunities for the monitoring and management of environmental challenges.

This Knowledge Exchange dialogue event brings together groups and individuals from research, business, public sector and civic society, with an interest in digital technologies and programmes in the context of environmental issues facing Oxfordshire.

The event will begin with brief presentations showcasing some current environmentally-focused digital tech with its roots in Oxfordshire, before inviting attendees to share current interests, projects and needs. A buffet lunch will follow, moving to an opportunity for smaller group working in the early afternoon. Sponsored by the University of Oxford’s Social Science Division.

Fri 30 Jan 2015
The Internet of Everything

Location: Oxford Internet Institute, 1 St Giles, Oxford OX1 3JS

Speaker: Bob Pepper (Cisco)

Registration: Everyone welcome. Please register by sending a quick email to

The Internet of Everything (IoE) is the next major tech market transition that will likely have a greater economic and social impact than the Internet has had to date. But for IoE to reach this potential, a set of important policy issues need to be addressed. Robert Pepper, Vice President for Global Technology Policy at Cisco will address both the potential for IoE as well as the technical and policy questions that have to be addressed to enable and foster IoE development.

Mon 8 Dec – Fri 12 Dec2014
Digital Health Pitstop Week

Location: Digital Catapult Centre, 101 Euston Road, London

An intense 5-day session for companies working in digital health, health wearables or with health data. This is an opportunity to receive hands-on help with your specific issues around growth and scaling from our network of high-calibre experts, in partnership with Capital Enterprise, The Mobile Academy and UCL.

The Digital Health Pit Stop will:

  • Refresh your approach to creating breakthrough digital products
  • Benchmark your service against industry standards and peers
  • Boost your performance metrics
  • Obtain exclusive access to partners, new markets and funding opportunities

Thurs 19 June 2014 16:00 – 17:00
Modernizing and Inspiring a “Startup Mentality” in Legacy Information Technology Organizations

Speakers: David A. Bray, Oxford Martin Associate and CIO of the U.S. FCC, Yorick Wilks, and Greg Taylor

Location: OII Seminar Room, 1 St Giles’, Oxford

Registration: Please email your name and affiliation to or telephone +44 (0)1865 287210.

By some estimates, 70% of IT organization budgets are spent on maintaining legacy systems. These costs delays needed transitions to newer technologies. Moreover, this cost estimate only captures those legacy processes automated by IT; several paper-based, manual processes exist and result in additional hidden, human-intensive costs that could benefit from modern IT automation.

This interactive discussion will discuss the opportunities and challenges with inspiring a “startup mentality” in legacy information technology organizations. Dr. David Bray, will discuss his own experiences with inspiring a “startup mentality” in legacy IT organizations as well as future directions for legacy organizations confronted with modernization requirements. The discussion will be chaired by OII’s Dr. Greg Taylor, and Yorick Wilks, an OII Research Associate, and Professor of Artificial Intelligence in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Sheffield, will offer his comments and responses to David’s ideas before opening the discussion to participation from the audience.

Information about the speakers:

Wednesday 21 May 2014 17:00 – 18:30
Privacy in the Twenty-First Century: Four Questions for Regulators
Professor Roger Brownsword

Location: Balliol College, University of Oxford, Lecture Room XXIII.

Registration: Registration is not required.

With a relatively weak anchoring point (in the notion of a ‘reasonable expectation’), the interest in (or right to) informational privacy has been swept along by the tides of technological development, particularly by the digitisation of data and by the prospect of genomic medicine. However, even if privacy could be more firmly anchored, the conjunction of modern info and bio-technologies raises a host of questions for regulators who are concerned to support these technologies while also protecting relevant informational interests. In this seminar, in order to open a conversation with regulators, the following four questions will be addressed:

  • If privacy is dead, why do we think that ‘phone hacking’ is such a serious wrong?
  • How do we understand the relationship between ‘informational privacy’ and ‘data protection’?
  • Is the case against consent that it over-protects or that it under-protects relevant informational interests (or rights)?
  • If the ‘public interest’ is not to serve as a blank cheque, when is it a sufficient reason for overriding informational interests (or rights)?

Thursday 12 June 2014
Connected Life 2014 – A Multidisciplinary Conference for Emerging Internet Research
Oxford Internet Institute

Location: Balliol College, University of Oxford

Registration: on conference website

Connected Life 2014 is a day-long conference dedicated to sparking exchange between disciplines and showcasing emerging internet research. It is run by students from the Oxford Internet Institute and designed to bring together researchers from across the social sciences united by their shared interest in the internet. It welcomes students, fellows, and professors from across disciplines, including (but not limited to) political science, economics, sociology, psychology, philosophy, and legal studies. Connected Life will foster collaborations within and beyond Oxford in pursuit of better understanding of the internet and its many effects.

In addition to featuring prominent keynote speakers and lively unconference sessions, Connected Life 2014 is designed to promote the dissemination and progress of the multidisciplinary field of internet research. To this end, it invites the submission of materials on ongoing or recent research. Submissions running the gamut of the social and natural sciences are invited; current topics of interest include:

  • Information Law and Policy
  • Science and Technology Studies
  • Analysing Social Interactions on the Internet
  • Online Research Methods