Open call – Data Catalyser

By | April 19, 2015

The Digital Catapult is looking for Data Providers (organisations with large proprietary or closed datasets) and data experts, who might typically be startups or individuals extracting some form of value from datasets in the form of an insight, a new algorithm or a new service, to work with its Data Catalyser.

The Data Catalyser platform is a suite of services enabling organisations to create value from mixing closed datasets, including the provision of expertise, and a secure platform or a secure physical environment.

As a secure hosted big data analytics solution that prevents Data Providers from accessing each others’ data, access to the combined data is available only to preselected SMEs (Insight Producers) through a strictly controlled and monitored web interface. The Catapult confirm that the platform is certified to meet the level of security needed for this activity to be conducted.

Technically, the Catalyser is a Hadoop cluster protected by multiple layers of security. Data from Data Providers is held within the secure boundaries with fine-grained access restrictions applied to it. Access the data is provided through a controlled and monitored web interface secured by SSL and authenticated by digital certificates. Actions are tracked through the ecosystem down to the network level using Kerberos linked to certificate identifiers. Insight Producers have access to R, Python and SQL for data analytics and visualisation of insight.

In this way, the Catapult offers a solution to ensure that engagement between the Data Provider stays at ‘arms length’, including the provision of template contracts and guidelines for best practice, and project execution capabilities.

On a scale, it offer a strong room approach to analytics wherein no data can be accessed or leaves the confines of a physical space, or a cloud hosted solution that has detailed access controls and auditing to monitor access to the data and insight. The Catapult offers an extended data licensing service to allow providers leave their data on the platform for longer creating an opportunity for value creation that may be identified in future.

You can pre-register your interest by 30th June here.

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